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October 2, 2009 / edeustace

Flex Test Suite generator Ant Task now on Google Code

I’ve added a wee Ant task that I’ve had lying around to Google code. Its purpose is quite straightforward. It will automatically generate a test suite Actionscript class that you can pass to your FlexUnit TestRunner. Your generated class will look something like this:

	import flexunit.framework.TestSuite;
	import com.sample.FU4SampleTC;	

	 * Auto generated by TestSuite generator - do not edit
	public class MyGeneratedTestSuite
 		public static function suite() : TestSuite
			var testSuite : TestSuite = new TestSuite();
			testSuite.addTestSuite( com.sample.FU4SampleTC );	
			return testSuite;

The project is here:

If supports FlexUnit4 which use [Test] metadata and previous versions of FlexUnit.



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