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November 20, 2010 / edeustace

Transparent background on Flex DataGrid column with alternating alphas.

On my current project, we needed a Flex DataGrid that had a transparent column for the first column.

I’ve put a subclass of DataGrid together that has this. Currently it only supports making the first column transparent (as I was following the KISS principle). However it wouldn’t be too much effort to extend it to make it possible to choose any of the columns tranparent by adding a to the DataGrid.

Here’s a screen grab:

The source code and demo is here (just right-click to view source).

The datagrid itself has comments to the functions that I needed to override to get it working. Hope its useful to others and if I get the time I’ll flesh it out – although I should probably check if the new Spark DataGrid in Flex 4.5 will support transparent columns.


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