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October 16, 2011 / edeustace

Script for deploying assets to processes on a LiveCycle Server

I’m currently doing a lot of flex applications for LiveCycle. One task that one had to perform repeatedly was copying your latest swf to the LiveCycle process so that you can preview it in the workspace. This is a bit of a drag, so I found some docs on how to deploy assets programmatically. I’ve tweaked the script so that it can be run as a command line tool. like so:

java -jar lces-asset-deployer.jar config.yml

I now run this tool from within eclipse when I compile my flex application and it automagically goes up to the server. The code for the script is on Github. For licensing reasons I can’t supply the libs but you’ll have everything you need if you have Livecycle installed, except for snake yaml which is here.


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